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Industrial hygiene


Industrial hygiene is all related to the environmental factors and the cleaning and controlling of those elements which might in any way cause harm to the living life and nature. If the factors are not taken well care off, they might lead to sickness and spoiled health factors eventually leading to various diseases. The industrial hygiene must be implemented for the well being of the society and the community so that everyone stays safe in the residential areas and surroundings.


2All the analytical models are implied by using the tools of environmental science and health which are used to monitor the processes occurring around. This has been a very old practice as it was tracked down earlier and its idea was presented in 4th century BC. The concept was exposed and worked on how the environmental and industrial hygiene is affecting the health workers and why is it necessary to work on it.

The first book on industrial hygiene was published in 1700 by Bernardo Ramazzini, and it was a very detailed and comprehensive concept of him after which the industrial hygiene’s issue started to lift within the society. Some elements and waste gases like carbon monoxide, lead, mercury and nitric acid are toxic for a human life due to which the after-effects of industrial waste products can be immense and might lead to health issues and life-threatening concerns.

The US health federation has kept this issue under eyes and has been working a lot to resolve the issue related to industrial hygiene to its maximum. Public awareness campaigns were held to spread the word and the consciousness about industrial hygiene amongst everyone in town.

Possible hazards

There are many possible hazards that might lead to an employee’s long-term illness. It has been recognized for a lot of work and study that there can be many controls and preventive ways to stop these toxins affecting a human life.

The very first and primary method can be termed as engineering controls which can be said that it minimizes the exposure of the health worker by isolating or taking the employee far from the source which is likely to produce any sort of health hazard and can be dangerous. There are many ways an engineering control can work. One of them can help of substituting the toxic materials with the nontoxic ones and eventually installing new systems; they can be local or general ventilation systems.

The secondary way can be called as work practice controls. They are used to change or edit down the process through which a task is being performed. There are certain very common work practices , and they include the amendment of the existing practices that lead to the minimum exposure of the health worker to the production equipment. This eventually cuts down the hazard of the person who is likely to get affected.


3The tools and machinery should be watched down and sterilized on a regular basis just to maintain the processes and other controls. This can also sum up some good housekeeping procedures and practices for the long and safer runs.

The tertiary method which is as effective as the methods mentioned above is the administrative controls. They include the tasks to order in a way which eventually reduces the health worker’s access and exposure to the machinery and other regular operations. Just to conclude, it is advised to use the protective equipment which includes safety helmets, gloves and other relevant wear on and accessories to reduce the exposure.

Causes Of Skin Cancer


Cancer defines a grouped number of diseases that involve abnormal growth of cells that can potentially invade any organ in the body. It is ranked as a disease that is more common commonly diagnosed than a lot of ailments in this day and age. Surprisingly, it has even surpassed HIV. The process a cancer patient undergoes transitioning into a cancer survivor is filled with distress and emotion particularly during early stages of treatment. A type of cancer that has become common in our community is skin cancer. This article is aimed at educating the masses on some of the causes of skin cancer.

Triggers of skin cancer

UV radiationgfhdjerrgfddjtrsjdg

Sunlight has its advantages. It provides light and heat required to maintain metabolism in our bodies. Infrared rays specifically produce
heat. UV radiation, on the other hand, is also a part of sunlight that results in sunburns and skin corrosion leading to aging prematurely and cancer of the skin. They are of different types e.g. UVA radiation that penetrates the deeper part of the skin resulting in tampering of skin cells (living) under the surface of the skin. It causes wrinkling of the skin and sagging. UVB, on the other hand, penetrates the top part of the skin layer. It causes tanning of the skin, cancer of the skin and sunburns. Both examples are potentially harmful in triggering skin cancer.


Once UV penetrates deep into your skin layer while you are out enjoying the sun, the skin gets ‘burnt’ literally. Skin turns red in color in a span of two to six hours of exposure. It’s important to note that to the eyes, a sunburn may seem healed, but the damage left lasts for years. Remember cancerous skin is mostly from wounds that healed under the skin topology instead of shedding off. To avoid this equip you with a hat, SPF 30 sunscreen or preferably higher, look for shade and don’t forget your sunglasses.


Exposure to UV radiation in any form apart from sunlight e.g. solarium can damage your skin. A tan is a group of skin cells that are in trauma. No matter the severity, it is a sign that skin has already been damaged. Repeated exposure builds up damage exponentially risking triggering skin cancer. Melanin is a pigment that is released on exposure to UV radiation, it’s located on the top layers of the skin and contributes largely to change of skin color and tanning. The release of this pigment is a way of your body warning about levels of UV.

Fake tan lotions

gdhfcdtkrydfgcvfthgThey come in all flavors, designs and promises of no side effects. Fake tans contain a dye that will for only a moment coat your skin giving off a tanned-like appearance. The dye then binds to your skin and later comes off when dead cells fall off. It’s arguably a good alternative when exposing your skin to UV. Note that many of these products will provide protection for the first couple of hours not for the amount of time they last on the surface of the skin.


This is an artificial machine used in tanning which uses high levels of UV in introducing a tan. Just like in the sun, they produce both UVA and UVB types of radiation (Known to cause skin cancer). According to research by various parties, solariums are seen to produce higher levels of concentrated UV than even sunlight! This has directly linked them to a dangerous type of skin cancer called melanoma thus it’s not recommended for use in any application.