Hearing Loss


Hearing loss occurs as when sound signals and waves no longer reach the brain for interpretation. Human beings and other animals depend on the five senses for survival and rely on them for instinct. Therefore loss of one facet, in this case, the ear can reduce chances of success in surviving a habitat since nature will have an advantage over the creature. Communication is a key element in the relation between species, be it in any species platform. In human beings specifically, hearing loss can be caused by a number of factors which include:

Causes of hearing loss


This is ranked as the largest single known cause of conjuring hearing loss. Hearing capability loss linked with age results from a person growing older. This is also known as presbycusis. The majority of victims begin by losing bits of hearing capability at age forty and increments periodically as they age. At age 80, the majority of patients significantly have hearing problems evident. As hearing starts deteriorating, high-frequency waves such as a females or child’s voice become quite difficult to hear. Hearing of consonants gradually becomes harder making a speech in a background difficult to make out.

Loud noises

Another big cause of hearing loss over time is exposure to loud noise repeatedly. Also known as a noise-induced type of loss, it occurs when sensory hair cells in the cochlea are damaged. People working in fields where they work with noisy equipment e.g. pneumatic drills, loud music, say in night clubs, or, high volumes through earphones or Bluetooth headsets are susceptible to suffering from this condition. Most soldiers that have been exposed to an active battleground with loud explosions also commonly have trouble with their hearing.

Ruptured eardrum

Otherwise known as perforation of the tympanic membrane, ruptured eardrum can be a significant factor in the loss of this sensory organ function. Loud blasts, a sudden pressure change in the ear, poking in a bid to clean your ears with a sharp object can lead to infection which eventually leads to the rupture of the eardrum. Once the eardrum is affected in any way, hearing is more difficult and the only way to remedy this is seeking medical attention.


Acoustic neuroma is one example of a tumor that could lead to hearing loss. Patients report feeling a sense of fullness in their ear accompanied by a ‘ringing sound. The only way to treat this condition is through medical treatment.

Head injury

dfhfdxtjfhgvgjdtfchvTraumatic brain injury is a condition linked to damage of the middle ear facets resulting in a hole in the eardrum hence hearing loss. This can be caused by accidents that may lead to skull fractures. Lack of early treatment by a specialist can be fatal since in this case can lead to deafness meaning no signal reaches the brain. Patients with that are fully deaf find it hard adapting to their new state of disability hence seeking professional help is better than just assuming you are fine.

Poor cleaning of the ear

Ear wax could build up over time and can block canals in the ear hence preventing conduction of sound signals. This is an easy to correct condition done by the removal of excess wax in the ear. It does not require treatment like in other serious cases, but the person is advised to maintain hygiene of the ear and avoid assumptions since they are basically what will add more trips to a physician.